The Toyota Prius really captures attention. Even when simply parked, the Prius draws people's eyes. If you think the looks impress, wait until you get behind the wheel. Performance-wise, the Prius has much to offer. Driving a Prius becomes an unforgettable experience.

The Prius reflects Toyota's investment in the hybrid electric car market. Anyone hoping to cut down on fuel costs and leave less of a carbon footprint might find the Prius to be worth considering. The Prius comes with a dual motor drive system that mixes fuel and electric power. Improved energy efficiency becomes an obvious benefit of the dual approach. An enhanced effect on acceleration becomes noticeable, too.

Unique intelligent technology dubbed "Predictive Efficient Drive" further enhances the experience. A computer memorizes the driver's stopping patterns, which aids in improving fuel efficiency.

If all this news about the Toyota Prius intrigues you, come down to Atkinson Toyota South Dallas and take a model out for a test drive. Our selection of Prius models ranks among the most impressive in Dallas, TX.

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